The Koch Foundation provides funding to Catholic organizations worldwide for the primary purpose of direct evangelization however we do not transfer funds directly overseas. Non U.S. applicants must obtain an individual who is personally known to them and is a member of a Catholic organization listed in the United States Official Catholic Directory (OCD) to act as their Fiscal Agent. The U.S. IRS requires sufficient familiarity with the grantee or project to show that the project is entirely consistent with U.S. legal requirements.  The Koch Foundation will not identify a fiscal agent for any organization.

Once the Fiscal Agent has been identified, they will be responsible for the following:

Completion of and submission of original signature on the Fiscal Agent Agreement Form for each application they have agreed to serve as a fiscal agent.  On the form they must provide:

    • The application number
    • State how they personally know the applicant,
    • How they obtained verification the proposed project

Upon completion of the Fiscal Agent Form with the above information, the Agent must submit the following documents within 90 days to the Koch Foundation:

    • The Completed Fiscal Agent form
    • A copy of the listing of their organization in the US Official Catholic Directory
    • Copy of their organization’s U.S. IRS Determination Letter

If a grant is award to a non U.S. applicant, the Fiscal Agent will receive a notification letter and a grant check and must:

    • Send the funds to the applicants’ designated financial institution and account.
    • If the agent is unable to send the funds to the designated recipient, the agent must return the funds to the Koch Foundation.

No fiscal agent is to transfer funds to an individual’s personal account.

The Koch Foundation has the right to decline any individual or organization requesting to act as a Fiscal Agent who does not meet the requirements, or that does not submit all required documents with the 90 day limit.