The Koch Foundation provides funding to Catholic organizations worldwide for the primary purpose of direct evangelization.

International applicants applying to the Foundation must secure a Catholic organization listed in the Official United States Catholic Directory to act as a fiscal agent and obtain a letter accepting responsibility from the organization’s contact person for the proposed project. The applicant is required to provide accurate information to the fiscal agent as to which financial institution and account to send the funds. Funds can not be deposited into an account belonging to an individual.

In the past, the Foundation provided funds to these designated Catholic organizations to be disbursed to the grantees. This was the sole responsibility. However, since September 11, 2001 and the implementation of the Patriot Act, the Foundation must ensure only genuine Catholic organizations are receiving the funds. The Koch Foundation requires the contact person, or members of the Catholic organizations acting as fiscal agents, to have knowledge of the applicant or project, or an ongoing and/or functioning relationship with the grantee’s organization in the location of the project. The IRS requires sufficient familiarity with the grantee or project to show that the project is entirely consistent with legal requirements.

If the applicant is awarded a grant, notification of the award will be sent to both the applicant and the fiscal agent. The fiscal agent will receive a check made out to the fiscal agent’s organization. The fiscal agent will make arrangements to send the funds to the designated financial intuition and account named by the grantee. Upon receiving the funds, the grantee must sign and return the Grant Agreement Form they receive along with the Grant Notification Letter to the Foundation.  Only the Grant Agreement Form is to be signed and returned to the Foundation. Failure to return the signed form will make you ineligible to apply to the Foundation in the future. Upon receiving the funds, the grantee must return the acknowledgement card notifying the Foundation that they have received the funds. Acknowledgement cards are to be returned only after the funds have been received by the grantee.

If the fiscal agent is unable to transfer the awarded funds, he/she must notify the Koch Foundation. The Foundation will contact the grantee and notify them of the attempts to send the funds. If it is determined that the grantee is unable to receive and manage the funds, the award will be remitted back to the Foundation.

If your organization has agreed to act as a fiscal agent for an international organization, you will need to complete the attached form and return it to the Koch Foundation along with a copy of the page showing the listing of your organization in the U.S. Official Catholic Directory and a copy of the Federal Determination letter showing your tax status. Click on the link below to access the form.