Guide on How to Complete an Application

For First Time Applicants
For your convenience we have compiled an explicit and detailed set of instructions on how to successfully complete an application.

For Returning Applicants

For your convenience we have custom authored a viewable/printable abridged guide for your use in successfully completing the grants’ process with the Koch Foundation. This guide is not required to be read, but will answer the vast majority of questions concerning successful application and content and help you determine further whether or not applying to the Koch Foundation is the right solution for your needs.

If you feel that you need assistance locating alternative funding or web based resources for your application our resources page has several organizations available.

Applying to the Koch Foundation
is a two-step process:

Step 1

Submit a Letter of Request, which can be done through the Applicant Portal or through the Post. Requests for applications are accepted from January 1st to May 1st of the current year for projects to be funded the following year. Funding is provided for one (1) year only. Priority is given to financially-distressed, underdeveloped areas. Requests received prior to January 1st and after May 1st will not be accepted.

Eligible applicants must submit a Letter of Request in English  providing:

  • a description of the proposed project
  • beginning and ending dates of the project
  • contact information
  • cost of the project in US dollars
  • why the project is needed.

Step 2

If the project is of interest to the Koch Foundation, the applicant will receive a notice via email for electronic requests, providing instructions on how to access the Applicant Portal. Letters of Request submitted via post will be reviewed and if accepted, will receive an application via post.

Projects must have additional funding sources identified, including the amounts requested and/or received. Applications must be completed and submitted within 90 days of notification via email or receipt of the application via post.

Applications must have all pages completed and must have a letter of support from the diocesan ordinary where the project will take place.

Diocesan applicants, such as parishes and schools, must have a signature on the printed PDF version of page 6 of the application itself as well as a letter of support from the same diocesan ordinary.

U.S. applicants must include a copy of their organization’s listing in the United States Official Catholic Directory (OCD) and a copy of their organization’s IRS determination letter.

Non US applicants must include a Fiscal Agent Agreement Form hand-signed and fully completed by the Fiscal Agent stating how they personally know the applicant and project, as well as a copy of the Fiscal Agent’s organization listing in the United States Official Catholic Directory (OCD) and a copy of their organization’s U.S. IRS determination letter.

Applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors at the annual meeting in February of the following year. Applicants will be notified of the Board’s decision by the end of March, which is also when funds are distributed via postal mail to U.S. Applicants and agreed upon Fiscal Agents for Foreign Applicants