Applicants must be Catholic organizations as recognized by the Catholic hierarchy of Rome. The Koch Foundation receives requests for applications from January 1st to May 1st of the current year for projects to be funded the following year. Funding is provided for one (1) year only. The Foundation does not support multiple year commitments. Priority is given to financially-distressed, underdeveloped areas. All requests and supporting documentation must be in English. Requested amounts must be in U.S. ($) currency. The applicant must have some funds already collected for the project before submission of a letter of request.

The Koch Foundation supports two primary areas:

  • Preparation of Evangelists
  • Direct Evangelization

Preparation of Evangelists

The Preparation of Evangelists is central to the mission of the Koch Foundation. From education and religious formation of men and women for missionary congregations, to the spiritual development of lay leaders, we assist programs that prepare individuals for the work of teaching, as Jesus taught, and sharing the wisdom of the Catholic faith. Funding is provided to official Catholic organizations only, not to individuals.

Direct Evangelization

The mission to proclaim the Gospel, which comes from a life-giving encounter with Christ and His Church, is provided by countless men and women who have dedicated their lives to sharing Christ with others. The Koch Foundation funds Direct Evangelization programs and religious activities which directly support, strengthen or spread the teaching of the Catholic faith. Evangelization is accomplished not only through the spoken word, but also through printed media. Catholic radio and literature carry the Word of God to all parts of the world in each country’s native languages.

The following three areas are supported to a lesser degree:

  • Catholic Schools
  • Mass Media
  • Capital Expenditures

Catholic Schools

The Koch Foundation provides funding for Catholic Schools in impoverished areas where the schools are the primary means of evangelization, or for specialized programs that have the potential to provide future Church leaders.

Mass Media

Evangelization is accomplished not only through the spoken word, but also through printed media. Radio and Catholic literature carry the Word of God to all parts of the world in each country’s native languages.

Capital Expenditures

Part of the mission of the Koch Foundation is to provide financial resources in the form of Capital Expenditures for the development of Catholic organizations in promoting the Catholic faith. Construction projects must have at least 50% of the total cost of the project in hand. Monies pledged but not actually received or contractually committed do not satisfy this requirement.

Starting with the 2015 grant cycle, requests for capital expenditures will be by invitation only. The Foundation will invite Letters of Request for construction projects only by directly contacting organizations. General solicitations or unsolicited Letters of Request for construction projects will not be accepted.

The Koch Foundation receives more requests each year than we are able to fund with our limited resources. Unfortunately, we are not able to fund requests that do not fit our funding guidelines. To this end, we will concentrate our efforts by focusing on projects that the Board determines propels and strengthens the Catholic Church.

Among the categories of grants the Koch Foundation does not support are:

Vehicles, vehicle maintenance, capital campaigns, individuals, health care, social services, vocational schools, unsolicited construction or renovation requests, purchase of land, reduction of debt, endowment funds, television or internet projects, grants made by other grant-making organizations, individual scholarly research, lobbying or legislation, production of films, videos, CDs, or DVDs, or projects completed prior to the Foundation’s annual board meeting each year in February.